Reasons We Are A Quality Vending Company

It is our goal to make our customers' lives easier. Our customers know we provide a consistent service with the machines filled with popular products. 

Great Service

Our reputation is everything to us.


Smart Snacks Vending's great reputation is a result of making sure service requests are answered timely.


We use quality snack vending machine equipment.


We make sure the machines are stocked.

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and offering snacks they want to eat.


Our insurance carrier is “The Harford”. We have a Business liability of $1,000,000 to face the many different kinds of business liability risks.


Rest assured we are ready for your business.

Employee Satisfaction

Our goal is to make your employees' snack vending experience easy and accurate. They can use cash or credit card with our machines.


They can review the food labels before purchasing. We take care of the refund process electronically.


We work very hard to ensure the machines are properly stocked and snacks are changed from time to time to offer variety.


We listen to your employees so we can be additive to the overall employee satisfaction in the business.