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So you want a drink vending machine.

I speak to people all the time about getting a drink vending machine. I understand the apprehension of putting someone else’s coke vending machine in their breakroom. I get it. The deal sounds too good to be true. Think about it. Someone is going to place a $3,000 to $5,000 machine, free of charge, inside your place of business and it doesn’t cost you anything other than floor space and electricity. And to make it interesting, they are going to stock it and deal with your employees.

So, you should be asking, what’s in it for the vending company? It’s simple. The vending company makes a small margin each time they sell something. This can add

up over time into a small profit. The vending company knows they need to have multiple machines working at different locations to begin to make enough sales to cover all the other expenses. So, they are be motivated in providing the very best customer service to you. After all, poor service equals lost business. Ask a business where the food vending machine company stopped servicing the location. How long did it take them to find someone else?

The benefit to your business is very simple. You get a business, I like to think a “partner”, who is going to concentrate on serving your employees so they can enjoy a drink from the coke vending machine during their break. Also, employees don’t leave work on their break or lunch when they have this convenience.

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