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Reinventing Vending Machines

Would you be interested in a vending solution that is more like a refrigerator (cooler) than a traditional vending machine? You open the glass door front with your credit card or app, then you take what you want, and you are charged after the door is closed. Is this something you would be interested in at your place of work?

The process is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Access the cooler via your payment method.

2. Open the cooler, and grab your item(s).

3. Close the cooler door and enjoy.

This is possible because the cooler software automatically recognizes the product. It also knows when you put the item back on the “correct shelf” before you close the door. When you don’t put it where you found it, the cooler will speak to you and give

you a chance to put it back in the right place before closing the door and getting charged.

And here’s the best part; you can enjoy a wide variety of fresh, cold food and beverage options. How about an apple in the afternoon? What about

yogurt in the morning? The choices are endless. People ask m

e all the time for more variety. I have to tell them I am limited by what the vending machine will accept. Maybe this is the answer!

As you might imagine, this technology isn’t cheap. Before I invest in a solution like this, I have a few questions. I am not completely convinced it’s worth the money. You can help convince me. I have already heard from the salespeople. You know what they are saying. Know it’s your turn.

1. Is this something you would use at your place of work?

2. What would you like to see included in the cooler?

Please leave a comment. Please “Like” (click heart) this article if you think the cooler is a good idea. I look forward to your feedback. Is this the right time to reinvent vending?

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