About Us

Mark Schulman Vending Operator

Mark Schulman

Experienced Vending Machine Operator

I have been involved in the food vending business for over three decades as a business customer and vendor. Through the years, some things remain constant. People expect their coke vending machine to be full and work as expected. They know what they want in the snack vending machine. They expect their snack experience to be easy and accurate.

There have been many improvements in technology over the years. However, one that often gets overlooked, but is a nuisance when not addressed properly, can be issuing refunds.

I like learning about new equipment technologies each year. I want to be first in line when the manufacturers share the most recent and the greatest. My challenge is finding the right machine for the location. I don't believe in using equipment that doesn't fit the customer's drink and snack requirements. For me, it makes the most sense to align the right machine up front so customer satisfaction stays high.

I pride myself on listening to my customers. They know they can make suggestions anytime, and I always do my best to fulfill their requests.

My Philosophy

Our mission is to be the go-to company for full-service vending because of our dedication to world-class customer service, easy-to-use machines, and reasonably priced snacks and drinks.

"Service with Integrity" means something to us. Our foundation is built on being accountable for our actions, striving to be truthful, and avoiding overpromising. Instead, we follow thru on commitments and promises made to others. 

We work hard to provide a vending solution that is easy, reliable to use, full-service, and designed for the business that wants vending without having to purchase the machines, stock them, and know they will work.

The only cost to the business is floor space and electricity.


When I get asked what my company does? My answer is simple. We provide a safe way to deliver snacks and drinks to people seven days a week, 24 hours a day. It's my job to listen to my customer and make changes when needed.

When I prepare for a new location, I guide the process by learning about your employees "wants and desires. Then, I look for a solution that satisfies the business needs. I know installing a combo vending machine isn't enough to be successful. Smart Snacks Vending LLC has to always be at the top of its game. We have to monitor the stock, perform maintenance, handle customer service and clean the machines.